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The hope is that their behavior or just their brain stems holds the key to an antidote. Gifts asks: What if zombies are simply the next phase of mankind? And how can we all coexist without having our brains eaten? Sea monsters from another dimension! Pilots who have to soul-bond with their fighting robots!

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Martial arts! In terms of summer blockbusters, it brought all the ingredients: stunning visuals, big knockout fights and characters you actually care about. Superhero movies may be a zeitgeist-defining genre in and of themselves, but most of these colorful characters and concepts have straight-up science-fiction roots. Call it the In the Aeroplane Over the Sea of sci-fi flicks — a personal, dense, left-of-center work that time and a fervent fan base helped turn into a modern touchstone.

If this movie was made today, with exactly the same leading men and exactly the same premise, it would be a summer-season tent-pole. Set in the not-so-distant future of a post-apocalyptic England terrorized by flying, fire-breathing beasts who have awakened, ornery, from a eons-long hibernation , the film features an intense, shaven-headed Matthew McConaughey as an obsessive dragon hunter and Christian Bale as a meek farmer.

Played by Andy Serkis, the reluctant ape leader tries negotiating a fragile truce with the surviving humans including Jason Clarke and Keri Russell , but distrust on both sides soon proves tragic. Evil extraterrestrials versus British hood rats — guess who wins? This funny, fast-paced sci-fi comedy featuring future Force Awakens hero John Boyega and future female-Doctor-Who Jodie Whittaker pits a bunch of neighborhood kids in a rough section of South London against an otherworldy invasion.

The fact that it flips the script and makes the so-called underclass the heroes was reason enough to embrace this scrappy take on Eighties blockbusters, but it also brings its action and alien-scares A-game those glowing teeth! From its tech-heavy dialogue to the loop-the-loop storyline so complex it requires a chart to comprehend , Primer is the rare film that makes no attempt to pander to its audience. No one ever said Sci Fi should be easy. In which Hollywood brings out the Howitzers — Spielberg! A script based on a Philip K.

Dick story! They say you can never go home again … especially if the town where you grew up has been colonized by some sort of sinister, not-of-this-Earth force. All that, plus a robot fight in a bathroom. What more do you need?

Review: 'What Still Remains' Puts a Fresh Spin on the Apocalyptic Thriller

Alton Meyer is a strange kid who has a penchant for tuning into frequencies no human ears can pick up like, say, intelligence agency satellites and can do amazing things with his eyes. Naturally, this makes him a person of interest to both religious cults and government spooks.

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As we hit the road with our confused on-the-run hero, we realize that Midnight Special is more about our terrestrial problems than extraterrestrial invaders. Giant-monster flicks have always been about ecological destruction, and this one is no different. Using a incident of formaldehyde dumping in Seoul as inspiration, this South Korean tale of a creature emerging from the Han River — who not only attacks people, but infects them with a virus — broke box office records in its native country and set a new standard for nature-run-amok parables.

The diminutive action hero is at his self-mocking, amped-up best as Cage, a military P. Bourne Identity director Doug Liman dazzlingly stretches and twists that clever concept to its breaking point, finding seemingly infinite variations on how Cage can screw up. But MVP honors go to Emily Blunt as a hard-as-nails soldier who has to teach this lovable cad to become a proper warrior. Even she is just an operating system.

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Philip K. A train, guys? Snowpiercer wears its strangeness and its singularity on its sleeve. Enjoy the ride. Plus the kid with psychic powers who lives near a corn field has something to do with this? Kudos, sir.

The Tide Series Box Set (Books 1-4): A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

With Fury Road , the director delivers something close to a two-hour chase scene, as Max joins forces with steely warrior and slave-liberator Imperator Furiosa a badass Charlize Theron to rescue a group of young women from a resource-hoarding death-cult. From the unexpected character-depth to the geometry-defying high-speed standoffs, the movie is a prime example of how to balance thrilling postapocalyptic spectacle with a sober social message.

Warm, funny, and unafraid to get truly emotional RIP, Captain Solo , it made that galaxy far, far away feel closer to home than it had in ages. Quicker than you can say Robinson Crusoe on Mars, our hero is figuring out how to survive — and how to eventually get home.

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Doing so could save your life one day, kids. Some science fiction movies do more than depict frightening innovations of a fictional kind — they unleash such advances themselves. Naturally, they now kill the uninfected on sight … which does not bode well for hospital patient Cillian Murphy when he wakes up to find London has been overrun with mindless, rabid citizens. Create Widget. Also in Series: The Infection. Also by This Author.

Also by This Publisher. Steve Carroll reviewed on on Feb. Excellent apocalyptic fiction that is far better written than I ever would have expected.

It's also far more than just a zombie book, having much higher aspirations. Real characters, interesting developments, and consistently surprising. Oh, and it's pretty scary, too! Highly recommended reading. Report this book. Reason for report: — Select a reason — Book is or contains spam Book infringes copyright Same content is published elsewhere with different author for ex.