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  6. The Strange Crime Of John Boulnois by Chesterton, G K.
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    The Strange Crime of John Boulnois

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    Description The colossus of crime leaned over to the little rustic priest with a sort of sudden interest. He had lived prosperously for about twenty years entirely on duplicate brown-paper parcels. And so, you see, when I began to suspect you, I thought of this poor chap's way of doing it at once.

    It's that little bulge up the sleeve where you people have the spiked bracelet.

    The Complete “Father Brown”, by G. K. Chesterton

    One of detective fiction's most idiosyncratic and best-loved characters, G. Chesterton's Father Brown is both a diminutive, genial clergyman and a master sleuth. In these two stories involving the ingenious, unobtrusive priest, a murdered man denounces his killer with his dying breaths, and a brilliant French inspector follows a trail of gentil carnage across London.

    About G. Chesterton G.

    Father Brown Stories The Arrow Of Heaven (S2/E2) Andrew Sachs Ed Bishop