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All of it relies on Facebook — the Proud Boys homepage even links out to the web of Facebook groups to guide potential recruits toward next steps.

Proud Boys Avoid Jail With Guilty Plea For UES Brawl, Report Says | Upper East Side, NY Patch

The profile of Proud Boys founder McInnes appears to still be functional. Facebook is the recruiting tool of choice for far-right group the Proud Boys. Patrick and Brad said they both voted for Barack Obama in and All three are now avid Trump supporters. Eric, president of the Wisconsin Proud Boys chapter, sent this message and apology to a Wisconsin Public Radio reporter requesting an interview with him.

He said the Proud Boys do not discriminate based on race or sexual orientation, and some of the Proud Boys members are black.

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Different backgrounds, different religions, all that. From Sikhs to Muslims.

  1. ‘Call me a racist, but don’t say I’m a Buddhist’: America's alt right.
  2. The Constables Daughter (Westshore Mysteries Book 2).
  3. Loves Truths.

Brad threatened to sue Wisconsin Public Radio if a reporter brought up questions related to the topic in an interview. Like just blatant lies to justify their existence. The word is taken from a video in which an activist calls for whites to make slavery reparations to African-Americans.

But they are concerned about Sharia Law coming to the United States. I think that the left is willfully ignorant of jokes when it suits them. Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes uses humor in messaging that some people find offensive. McInnes says most women would be happier if they stayed home and raised children. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content Skip to audio player.

Please update your browser to hear this media content. Alexandra Hall. Shows What's Wrong With Men? Gavin McInnes. Writer and Comedian.

Facebook bans the Proud Boys, cutting the group off from its main recruitment platform

Investigative Journalist. Related Links:. The Upshot on the Gender Pay Gap. Charles Monroe-Kane. Original Air Date:.

  1. Proud Boys Avoid Jail With Guilty Plea For UES Brawl, Report Says.
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In October, McInnes spoke at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, where he re-enacted the assassination of Inejiro Asanuma, a leader of the Japanese Socialist Party, who was killed on live television by a far-right ultranationalist. Alexander Ramos, who claimed to be a Proud Boy, was convicted in the beating of Deandre Harris, a young black counterprotester, at the Charlottesville rally.

Way to go, media.

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During the course of the internal affairs investigation into her conduct, Willey told investigators she believed her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend, a Proud Boys member named Graham Hayden Jorgensen , had sent the photo to the newspaper in an attempt to get her fired. The report ultimately found that Willey, by being affiliated with the Proud Boys, violated at her oath of office and department policies regarding non-discrimination, harassment and off-duty conduct. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost?

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Hometown of Armenian protest leader proud of their local boy

Christopher Mathias. Suggest a correction. Real Life.