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The purpose of this study is to identify injury reporting trends in Ultimate Frisbee against other collegiate club sports and examine correlation with sex, body region, and medical recommendations and to discuss associated risk of injury. Athletes who sustained an injury related to participation in their respective club sport attended a physical therapy sports clinic, underwent screening, and were provided direction for injury management. Data was collected on various elements of each case with descriptive statistical analysis performed to catalog injury characteristics.

Ultimate accounted for Female injuries represented Ultimate accounted for one of the highest number of reported injuries among all club sports. Women reported injuries more than twice as frequently as men. The majority of reported Ultimate injuries involved the lower extremity. Injury trends observed are similar to those previously reported in several NCAA Intercollegiate sports.

Two teams of seven athletes compete on a 70 by 40 yard playing field with 25 yard deep end zones with the aim of scoring goals, which is achieved when a player catches the disc in the end zone. The disc is advanced only by being thrown through the air as players are not allowed to run with it United States Ultimate 11 th edition Rules. As an alternative or lifestyle sport, 2 Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States US.


By the end of , the association had grown to over 30, members. Players run, cut, guard, jump, throw, catch, and dive in a fully outstretched position in order to catch the disc and advance to score a goal. Frequent cutting, physical contact, and jumping amidst other players have all been described as possible risk factors for injury in Ultimate. Ultimate athletes are subject to considerable biomechanical stresses. Incidental contact and various impact forces expose each player to considerable risk for injury.

Constant running, with athletes moving unrestricted throughout the entire playing field similar to soccer or lacrosse , also places them at risk for overuse injuries. Injuries sustained during Ultimate are similar to those in occurring during NCAA field sports, such as soccer. Despite its growing popularity, increasing number of participants, and injury risk, there is a paucity of published literature characterizing the rates and types of injuries specific to this sport.

Defined as a limited contact sport, it has received very little attention with regard to prospective injury epidemiology or injury prevention and management research. USA Ultimate has different requirements depending on age for gameplay and tournament staffing. An onsite certified athletic trainer ATC is only required if the event size is greater than participants, and less than Two retrospective studies explored injuries that occurred during participation in Ultimate. They quantified and characterized the injuries incurred by Ultimate players using an interview of athletes who called an injury timeout.

Ultimate Frisbee Rules

They identified potential activities associated with risk for injury, including laying out while catching the disc , covering cutters athlete cutting to gain position to receive a pass , cutting, jumping, running, and catching. Additionally, contact between players and with the ground e.

Subsequently, the authors of the current study sought to educate health care professionals on the particular profile of injuries sustained among collegiate Ultimate athletes. This is the first study to follow one specific Ultimate club consisting of two teams men's team and women's team in a collegiate setting, comparing their injury rate to other club sports and performing arts activities.

Where previous studies represented data collected at a single game or tournament, this longitudinal study follows the collegiate Ultimate teams men and women at a University with over 20, undergraduate and graduate students. The purpose of this study is to identify injury reporting trends in Ultimate Frisbee against other collegiate club sports and examine correlation with sex, regional distribution, and medical recommendations and to discuss associated risk of injury. Injured collegiate club athletes including Rugby, Ultimate, Soccer, and Basketball and performing arts members e.

All participants were eligible for inclusion.

Ultimate Disc

A licensed physical therapist verified injury and diagnosis for data to be recorded and included in the study. Athletes who sustained injuries not related to participation in their club sports were excluded. Each Sports Clinic was conducted by one to three licensed physical therapists: One Orthopaedic or Sports Clinical Specialist and two physical therapy residents. During Sports Clinic, the physical therapist would complete a screen, record the athlete's subjective history, and perform tests and measures in order to determine whether the individual required urgent medical attention, referral to student health services, referral to an orthopedic surgeon, or recommendation for skilled physical therapy.

Whereas a formal physical evaluation might be performed in order to determine specific problems, impairments, and limitations for each athlete to direct treatment, these screens were intended to triage and provide direction for each athlete. This process was completed weekly at the Sports Clinic over a 12 year period. Data regarding complaints, the results of clinical examination, which body region was injured, the clinical impression of diagnosis, and recommendations for management of injury were recorded.

Injury was defined as any condition for which an athlete sought medical attention at the Sports Clinic. Upon completion of each athlete's subjective interview and physical screen, the evaluating physical therapist made recommendations to each participant based on the clinical impression of the individual's diagnosis and immediate needs. Injuries per body part among reported Ultimate injuries were totaled and reported as percentages of the total number of injuries.

Assessment of further medical utilization for Ultimate injuries was also performed based on recommendations for injury management. Calculations were performed using a Microsoft Excel TM spreadsheet. The men's and women's Ultimate teams at the University were comprised of at least 28 players, divided into A and B teams of at least 14 each. This allows for a full squad of 7 players with reserves.

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At the time of last data collection, the women's team had 37 players and the men's team had 60 players. The teams play year round, but the main competitive season is 13 weeks long, occurring in the spring. Women outnumbered their male counterparts in injury reporting for more than two separate injuries during the study period, with up to five separate injuries reported by two female Ultimate athletes Table 2.

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  8. Injuries to females represented While women reported nearly twice as many knee injuries as men 32 vs. Four female athletes who were referred to an orthopedic physician also went on to initiate PT Table 4. Specifically, with respect to further medical recommendations in response to injuries reported by men vs.

    Truly severe injuries those given recommendations to pursue an orthopaedic consult or immediately initiate skilled PT accounted for 28 Seven 6. There was no statistically significant difference between the proportion of men or women receiving each recommendation Table 4. This study represents the largest collection of injuries associated with Ultimate participation in a single setting to date, and the results give an overview of injuries sustained in the sport.

    Jumping and diving are frequently performed maneuvers that increase each athlete's risk for injury. In this sample, many less skilled athletes may have tried out for Ultimate, or were unaware of the stresses athletic participation places on the body, therefore increasing their risk for injury.

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    Peterson et al 10 examined the association between age, skill level, and injury of soccer players, and found a twofold increase in the incidence of injury among young players with a lower skill level compared to more skilled athletes. Chomiak et al 11 reported similar findings in soccer players, with a twofold increase in severe injury incidence among lower skilled athletes compared to those of higher skill level.

    Ultimate injury patterns in the current study closely resembled those reported for 15 NCAA Intercollegiate sports over a sixteen year period. Data from men's and women's Collegiate Soccer NCAA Injury Surveillance System revealed that lower extremity injuries accounted for almost three quarters of all game and practice injuries. Each year the squad size in this collegiate setting was at minimum of two teams of 14 players each, with the current women's team having 37 players, and the men's team having Injury incidence has been shown to correlate strongly with the number of individuals registered to participate.

    Interestingly, one of the most notable differences between male and female injury reporting is the number of athletes returning for separate injuries. Among Ultimate injuries reported, the majority of athletes reporting two or more injuries were women. Two women reported five separate injuries during the study period Table 2. The higher number of injuries in women compared to men may indicate underlying neuromuscular biomechanical deficits, in particular related to lower extremity injuries.

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    The majority of athletes who reported to Sports Clinic more than once were women. Women appear to be more likely to sustain multiple injuries during their careers than men. This may be related to the interaction between movement strategies, alignment, body composition, and physiology. The competitive Ultimate Frisbee team participates in a variety of tournaments both provincially and nationally. The season typically runs from the beginning of September until Mid-October. The team emphasizes a competitive atmosphere while preparing for the showdown at the Canadian University Ultimate Championships CUUC where the Men's and Women's teams get to show what they are made of.

    Competition not your thing? Play for the Ultimate club, come toss with us and learn some new skills. Tryouts generally take place during the first and second weeks of school. Please email us at ultimate uoguelph. This fee covers the cost of tournaments and transportation over the season. Not included in this fee are the hotel and uniform costs. Hotel costs can vary depending on the location of the tournament; we always try our best to find the most affordable accommodations for the team.

    How to Register for an event at the University of Guelph link opens in a new tab. Ultimate Frisbee. Description The competitive Ultimate Frisbee team participates in a variety of tournaments both provincially and nationally. Tryouts Tryouts generally take place during the first and second weeks of school. Monday September 10th, - Thursday September 13th, Tryouts will begin at pm each day and end between pmpm.

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