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Although he was staying in a small village, he find the children to be quite noisy and the local They soon become believers.

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He quickly starts to believe that the woman is actually a witch in league with the Devil. A young woman, thought by many in the village to be a witch, dies suddenly one day.

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Researchers found that participants could be organized into several groups based on their developmental trajectories. The group whose members received consistently high ratings on psychopathic features throughout childhood exhibited the clearest signs of criminality and aggression as adults—more so than those whose psychopathy ratings started low and increased or those whose ratings started high and decreased. Learning more about the boys with declining psychopathic characteristics, who comprised about 14 percent of participants in the study, could help inform future efforts to treat people who show troubling traits early in life.

Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling. Back Get Help. Varanasi is as crazy and unique as cities come and if you want to test whether you will love or hate India then I would come to Varanasi. I love Varanasi and I love India. Crazy it may be, vile also but utterly absorbing and definitely special. Where else would you experience homemade fireworks going off within a metre of you, the locals bathing, swimming and drinking a river times more polluted than the safe limit and dead bodies floating down the river?!

I can think of none. Chapman, This has been empirically proved using terror-management theory in social psychology See Fernandez et al. Clearly, the cultural differences related to sites of death and human suffering tend to differ among domestic and foreign tourists. Dark tourism products are multi-layered and people from different parts of the world perceive these products differently.

Varanasi for Indian tourists holds a different significance as it is considered a holy place according to the Vedas ancient Hindu texts. The concept of Othering has undergone post-colonial changes where it is used to refer to the imaginary construction of different people who remain marginal yet powerful.

They might be perceived as the Other in this case by Western tourists.

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The gaze of an international tourist might not be voyeuristic, but the public cremations in Varanasi may present an uncanny spectacle to the tourist. Authenticity in dark tourism classification frameworks is discussed in terms of location and product interpretation. But there are several ambiguities in classifying the site and associated death rituals of Varanasi as authentic and inauthentic.

These hotel and tour websites are sometimes accompanied by ratings from tourists, on a scale of one to five. One of the reviews on a popular website, Tripadvisor. Nothing is authentic. And so spectacular in Varanasi that it becomes a marketing stunt for the tourist industry. Thus, despite a staged performance, the tourists might still consider the experience to be an authentic one. John Urry highlights that representation plays a fundamental role in the way people enjoy a particular tourist experience.

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Some tourists are smart enough to see through the fake performance but such instances are rare. The ritual performers, priests, and Aghoris claim to be the warrantors of authenticity and the tourists rarely question their authority constructive authenticity. At times, tourists remain clueless during the ongoing rituals and are merely satisfied because they believe that they witnessed something exotic. Thus, it is difficult to judge what is authentic and what is not.

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It is clear that despite the search for authenticity that attracts tourists to this place, they do long for first-class services in terms of accommodation, and the tourism industry tries to provide them a comfortable Western lifestyle and other amenities. This is supported by Cohen who says that some tourists decide not to choose authenticity. Here the most intimate rituals of life and death take place in public and the sights and sounds in and around the ghats.

She claims that tourists are attracted to Varanasi above all because of its exotic and mystic image. For many tourists, the presence of monks, Sadhus, or the Aghoris wearing saffron-coloured robes or shreds of clothing, carrying out their day-to-day routines and their traditional lifestyle, less caring about the happenings in the external world, provides a unique experience.

An anthropologist from Brussels Free University, Belgium, writes:. I recalled the time my grandfather died. For me, exploring this topic was part of a quest to live life to the fullest. I wanted to discover how to live a life where its finite energy would not be devoured by the fear of death. I wanted to understand the ever-presence of death in this city and what it meant to its citizens. Varanasi is a mysterious city where, on the cremation ground, newspapers are read, breakfasts are taken, and people are drying clothes by fires that are fueled with bodies. As some local friends had prescribed, for hours I would gaze at the most subtle smoke that arose from the cremation fires and try to intuit death, which is the custom of the Varanasi people.

Generally in Varanasi, death puts on a blunt mask. However, reaching this shore, death drops its mask, and one looks death straight in the eyes transforming any mere aspirant into a disciple on the quest to know death. Pau Obraor Pons says that sometimes banal and mundane aspects of tourism in this case, the death rituals in Varanasi have the capacity to facilitate existential authenticity see also Steiner and Reisinger, I was constantly amazed at how peaceful the place was.

Do you know what it means? I have eaten Human Flesh, Urine and Stool to become aghori. For no reason I was scared at that point. Weird stuff filled my mind and the cave started to look dangerous. My mind was blank. I was surprised, excited and scared at the same time. Is it true? Can you tell us too? People ask me how long will they live, and if I say it then they start counting the days.

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So they die psychologically and never live happily. Instead, create your own future. He started walking towards his own path and we left the place thinking about the most thrilling and exciting experience that we had in such a short period of time.

They are really good people and will be more than happy to meet you, if you visit them. I had a good experience and feel very lucky to meet him. Enwil, [emphasis in orginal]. The tourist considers it to be an authentic experience. The ritual practices of Aghoris are also non-dual in nature. For example, the consumption of human flesh symbolizes that there is no difference between moral or immoral and human or animal flesh.

Thus, a confrontation with rituals practiced by the Aghori forces people to contemplate their own mortality by gazing upon the death of the Other.

Shades of Darkness: A Pecking Order of Trading Venues

Therefore, despite the increasing commoditization of death in Varanasi that challenges notions of authenticity, a confrontation with death rituals might force people to contemplate their own mortality and question their authentic self in some way or another. Watching the dead burn at the funeral pyres and the Aghori rituals remind people of the ultimate reality that everyone will die.

Such an approach will also help to understand issues of contestation of space, rituals and performances, physical or symbolic aspects of the site, visitor relationships to sites, and varying notions of authenticity. The existing dark tourism frameworks rarely offer a scope to include such multiplicity of perspectives, cross-cultural perceptions, or the complexities associated with the notion of authenticity in tourism. The narratives display that tourists are interested in the pilgrimage site for not just religious purposes or the temples.

These multiple meanings are not only shaped by the death-related rituals, the individual death anxieties of tourists, or the way in which the cremation ground is symbolically constructed, but is also influenced by the religious and cultural background of the tourists. These multiple meanings generated by the site further give rise to certain paradoxes and ambiguities in terms of notions related to the sacred, morality, authenticity, and perceptions towards death.

These ambiguities challenge pre-existing dark tourism classification frameworks. Thus, tourist interest in these death-related rituals cannot be merely disregarded as an exotic interest in Southeast Asia.