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Special Weapons & Tactics Team (SWAT)

SWAT What's it look like to be inside? Around the country SWAT teams faced criticism for relying too heavily on fast-moving, door-busting raids to seize drugs or issue arrest warrants.

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures - Breaching Techniques (Footage)

When deployed, the units still hit the ground with impressive firepower and protective equipment. There may be moments of chaos. The team, unusual for a county with less than 50, people, was set up to give a select group of officers the specialized weapons and training needed to respond to tense and dangerous encounters. However, the hard-line tactics used traditionally by SWAT teams nationally were increasingly called into question. Sixteen of those killed were police officers. From a safe distance the team leader announces they are police officers with a warrant and advise the subject to come outside, hands up.

If there is no response the team advances, "breaches" the door with a battering ram, and detonates "flash-bang" grenades as a distraction. A member of the team also breaches a back window to form a ring around the building. If all goes smoothly, the suspect will understand the risks and leave the structure under the watchful eye of the SWAT team. The old-school approach had been drilled into Benson.

Special Weapons and Tactics

That's kind of the verbiage that we used. The police officers, loud and intimidating in military-style uniforms, would force their way in behind bulletproof shields. As quickly as possible the unit would speed through the structure, forcing anyone inside to the floor. More and more tactical officers see it only as one of several options. At a recent training session, the Kearney SWAT team drilled the tactics designed to give officers more time to assess the potential hazards and leave a comfortable distance between police and the bad guy.

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I have time and space. I'm going to be able to communicate and make a better decision. In one practice scenario, the nine-member force lined up outside a building at the Kearney Fire Department Training Center. Instead of rushing into rooms where there may be people with guns, the team will wait for the occupants to reveal themselves and draw them towards the officers.

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