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Sennett points out, we're afraid both of being without authority and of surrendering to it. Where we used to pay homage to authority in immense cathedrals and massive government buildings, we are now trying to monumentalize the self instead, to make a law of it. In a chapter on authority in industry, Mr. Sennett suggests that, increasingly, people work to earn a self as well as a salary. According to Max Weber, we accept authority when we perceive it as legitimate. But this is changing, Mr. Sennett says, for now ''we feel attracted to strong figures we do not believe to be legitimate.

When we disobey, we do it from within the structure of authority, for to step outside of it would mean entering Samuel Beckett's void. As an example of our fear of living without authority, Mr. Sennett cites the French Revolution. After the Terror, when the French were on the brink of freedom, they ''destroyed their chances of liberty by setting up a new authority - themselves, embodied in the abstraction The People. We've converted what was once most private and intimate into a legal fiction.

The ''autonomous person,'' today's revolutionary hero, is his own authority. He's a law unto himself, carrying on what Lionel Trilling called an ''adversary'' quest or crusade. Refusing the ''seduction'' of authority, the autonomous man opposes what Freud saw as the passion to surrender or regress. While the average man has a need to believe, the autonomous man lives to disbelieve. As Irving Howe says, he ''rages against the official order,'' articulating what Mr. Sennett called a metaphor of ''dissonances.

In Hegel's view, we exist only when we are acknowledged, and our present age is characterized by a clamor for acknowledgement, as if no one was sure he existed. One of the things we most urgently wish to have acknowledged, according to Mr.

  1. Life After Death: Eighteen Years on Death Row.
  3. The Pentecost of Calamity.

Sennett, is our suffering. View all New York Times newsletters. I am looking for the title of this historical regency romance novel that has been driving me insane for a year!!!! Heroine loves Hero since she was a small girl. Hero is Heroines' brother's BF. Hero visits Heroine's brother's home. Heroine walks into Hero's room and he was undressed. He was expecting a courtesan paying him a visit, instead walks in the Heroine.

That is all I remembered. Looking for a book but can only remember part of the ending a woman was kidnaped by a man who thought he loved her and told her as soon as she delivered the baby she was carrying he was going to sell it to a nice couple he had already located then he was going to impregnate her and they would have many babies together un beknown to him she had already started labour and refused to show it to give her husband she loved time to find them.

I think i remember something about a black market baby selling scheme. I am posting this everywhere so i can find it. Hey, I have this novel that I loved so much when I was younger. The cover was dark from what I recall. It started out talking about how cold it was and describing the setting in the middle of the night. Then the next thing I remember is the main female character and the main guy are on their way to her place to grab some of her stuff and her little brother so she can run away with him on a train to somewhere o believe in Russia.

He ended up taking her virginity on the train. She stays with him with her brother. He calls her "Dushka. Her captures gave her something to make her all lethargic and compliant to what they did. But her guy had come in time. But he had to watch them tease her but in the end somehow got her back. From what I perceived trains were still a new thing so this has to be set back over a hundred years. Setting is in California vineyards. She got jilted by him because her dad asked him to.

He's now wealthy, she now owns her family's vineyard but she thinks she will have to sell it. They reminisce about the past; nights where she would sneak up to his sleeping spot and they would make love. It's a short novel, contemporary.

I remember the author describing her in her red sweater and pants. Hi everyone, new to this site and this group. Hope someone can help. Not sure when it was published. Maybe the 90's or 's. The story is about 2 researchers at boston mass gen maybe? And the girl, a prodigy, is researching genetic diseases as her college friend died from one.. Some one is trying to kill the girl and the guy steps in to help her out. There is a mystery involved, incest and secret parentage..

I basically remember the whole story except the name of the book or the characters.. Hi, please I've been looking for this book for a couple of years now. It is a contemporary romance novel. I read it a long time ago but have no idea who wrote the book or what the characters name are. I originally got it as a free book on Kindle. It's about a year rich heiress who persuades her male friend to become the star of a reality dating show in which she is somehow involve in maybe produces?

By chance, she is forced to become a contestant on the show. I believe the guy already had a crush on her. She goes on to being in the final two with another woman who is nice and has a daughter but is still with her ex-boyfriend. The guy ends up choosing her and proposes to her and she accepts on autopilot because she believes she was his only choice since the other girls were useless. But the guy had actually fallen in love with her.

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But then I think that she gets kidnapped after they get off the show. But then the novel has a HEA. It's possible that the girl might have been a redhead Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank you. Looking for a regency romance trilogy book. It's about a child left at the three gentlemen's residency with only a note that says the child's father lives there. The three gentlemen then look for their past lovers whom they thought could be the child's mother.

It was on the third book that the real father's identity was revealed. I remember a scene where the Hero at the third book locked up the heroine at the attic of the house or something like that. I read this excerpt some years ago at the back of a book and have been searching unsuccessfully to find the full romance book given that i dont remember the name of the excerpt. It was about a highland warrior presumed slain during war by his family but who had actually been injured in the war and imprisoned by the enemy. A mysterious veiled woman comes to the prison to look for a 'lover' to service her.

The warrior hopes this time she would choose him as that would get him over the prison walls and give him a chance to escape. She does choose him and he awakens in a room to plot his escape. Meanwhile when the woman comes to him he realises that she seems afraid of him and is almost as much of a prisoner as he is. All this happens in the first chapter or so.

Any help finding the book would be appreciated as this has been driving me crazy! She runs away and ends up at a brothel. While there she catches the eye of a duke. She gets trained in the art of lovemaking so her family can leave her alone. It has 2 brothers in it that are boxers who protect her, one ends up fallingin love with her. Just can't think of the name. Looking for a historical romance that I read over 20 years ago. Starts out with the woman giving birth to a still born baby that was conceived as a result of a cousin's raping her.

She joins up with a caravan of travelers who are going west to settle.

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There is a couple and the woman gives birth and is very frail and ends up dying. The grieving father cannot console the baby and the woman the heroine nurses the baby and is able to care for him. After a while they fall in love but the cousin eventually finds the woman and tries to kill her but the hero saves the day big surprise there. Any ideas would be appreciated. Julie Garwood was the name that came to mind but I couldn't find a similar book by her. Hope it's a match. I'm looking for a title of this awesome time travelling-ish book.

I'll list the parts I remember. A girl visits her friend at this huge mansion that has this old timey theme 2. Her friend's maid or butler or gardener looks at her rather strangely 3. Her friend brought her to see the large garden at the back.. At night she went down and was sort pulled towards the garden 5. A huge storm happened and she passed out? She was in the early 's when electricity wasn't quite big or not invented yet 7.

Her digital watch is still working though 8. Does anyone know the name of this book? Hi all! Hoping someone, anyone could help me find the title of this book I've been looking for. Anyway the gist of what I can remember is that this couple are on their way to a wedding or are already there. The guy knows the bride I think they're both doctors? I just know they're of the same profession , but is in a supposed committed relationship with his girlfriend who's sitting next to him. Basically, the bride runs off with the guy after someone stops the wedding I think it was the guy? I think it's not long after that when the groom is pissed and wants to go after the runaway couple.

He runs into the left-behind girlfriend who informs him that they probably went somewhere can't remember and she requests the groom to give her ex-beau a hell of a punch on her behalf. And that's all I can remember! It's contemporary and I probably saw it about a year or two ago. Can't be older than that, I think? Will you be me savior?! Hi, I'm looking for a book I read over 10 years ago. The heroine I believe holds up carriages I think like a robin hood type thing. Her husband doesn't know at first but I think he suspects.

He has a brother that's a pirate that heroine falls for too but it actually is her husband the whole time. I think she loves her husband but they fight I think. I think she ends up in jail and had long beautiful hair that's cut short. I think she gets caught up in some plague and possibly had family that died. Her husband saves her somehow Sorry that's all I can remember now. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm looking for a book I read about 20 years ago.

The heroine was a servant girl. The hero some kind of aristocrat that had martial arts training of some sort. It was set in England, I'm not sure what time period, possibly Georgian The plot is about how H was hiding in h room at night as he was trying to get evidence on her employer. She didn't know until one night I think he was injured and she discovered him in her room. During daylight hours H was at her employers house either doing business deals or hanging out as the rich do!

I can't remember how it finished I just know that H and h got together in the end. Anyone know this book? I was hoping someone can help be find a book. I don't remember the title or author. I believe it had multiple authors. It was a historical Christian romance type book. It consisted of three romance stories but the stories were linked by characters family members friends.

The cover was purple it had a brunette or black haired lady in a gown on the front. I can't remember the color of the gown. It also had a ferry boat in the background I believe. The first story was about a woman who was on a ferry boat on a river somewhere in the US.

She was with a man she was trying to get away from. Something about gambling and poker. Somehow the ferry got into a accident fire I think. She ends up in the water and was saved by the male lead character. I believe he was a preacher or becomes a preacher. She ends up falling in love with the man that saved her and marries him. His name might be Jacob or Sam Maybe not. I have been trying to figure out what book this is for months now. Hopefully someone here recognizes it. Book was written in the 90's or early 's. Historical romance, set in England. I think the hero and heroine first meet when he sees her changing in the stable at some kind of race event, and he mistakes her for a prostitute as abother gentleman had told him their was a prostitute in the stable.

I remember him calling her breasts peaches, and that comes up a lot throughout. I believe she was changing in the stable because she had been dressed like a boy. Possibly as a rider? I believe after this she is horrified, and they don't see each other for a long period of time after. Hopefully this jars someone's memories. I lost my entire collection of novels, and now I am trying to figure out what all I lost. I'm looking for help finding a book.

It's a contemporary romance. I'm pretty sure it was published within the last 5 years. It is about a women who returns to her hometown after being sent away as a pregnant teenager by religious parents. She is sent away on the same night that her high school boyfriend dies in a drunk driving accident. He was a popular high school athlete. She returns home after her father dies and her mother gives her the house. She's a hairdresser. I think her child, a son, is now elementary school age. The house is right across the street from the house of her son's father's family.

His parents and brother don't know about the child. The brother now runs the family construction business. She runs into the brother and they have an instant connection. I think his name might have started with a D? She tells him about his nephew and he starts babysitting the kid while she works to get to know him. I believe this book was part of a series about the guy and his friends. Sorry if it's kind of a disjointed summary. I was just trying to remember everything I could as I wrote. Thanks in advance for your help :. I think this is by Suzanne Forrster, but I don't remember the title.

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Please help find a historical romance novel set in England. Was attacked one night and scared in the face by men sent by his married ex lover. But was saved by the heroine who was a writer writing under a pseudonym. He later fell in love with her though he had a hard time convincing himself of that as he felt he was too much of a sinner and not good enough for her. Later married her.

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His night club was burnt and his wife kidnapped also by his ex lover. In the end they had a daughter. Would be very grateful for help with the title and name of the novel. Its a contemporary romance. The heroine is house sitting for her best friend. I'm pretty sure it's in Texas.

Her profession is something like doing a 3D hologram of architectural or construction blue prints. The hero finds her at the site.. She wanted to make it into a village? That's all i remember. Thank you very much in advance!! Hey all, I am looking for a book I read a while back. It takes place during the French Revolution. It is part of a series of books about three siblings two girls and a boy. In the first book the eldest sister agrees to be the mistress of a French official in order to give her brother and sister safe passage to England.

The French official is a bad guy but his brother possibly a twin delays him and takes his place. The heroine ends up falling in love with the brother. Eventually the bad brother returns and is put into prison. The heroine tries to tell him that she loves him but it is the wrong brother, she may also be pregnant. I am helping my Mother find a book. She doesn't know the author or main characters name. Here is the information I got from her: 2 twin sisters are separated by their father, one is raised with money, the other is not.

One of the sisters finds love on the boat. Time period is somewhere when long dresses are required. She first read it before so it may be out of print. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of the following historical romance book. Read it as an ebook within the past four years. The only thing I remember clearly are the supporting characters who sometimes have the POV. The h is friends with a married lady a duchess? The lady's husband a duke? The wife finds out and is not happy. I'm pretty sure the wife is pregnant.

Also, there's a masquerade ball. Before it occurs, there's a scene where the wife is getting ready. She is going dressed as a cat, and has a "cat" collar that her husband gave to her as a gift for the costume he had his first initial engraved on the jewelry. Sorry that I don't remember more.

Any help that someone could provide would be great, this has been driving me crazy for a while. I read this book in the early 90's 93,94,95The author was Danielle or a name close to that, it is set in England or Ireland or Scotland. The title is something like ravished or raped, there is a highwayman in the story. As the story opens the heroine finds out her father or guardian is dead or gone or missing please help Ive been looking for almost 20 years to find this book again. I think the picture was the heroine in a green or purple dress. Hi guys, I need some help.

Her friend's maid or butler or gardener looks at her rather strangely like he somehow knows it 3. During the tour of the house, she noticed a crack on the wall and the parents explained that it happened during the war.. At night she went down and was sort pulled towards the garden 6. She was in the early 's when electricity wasn't quite big or not invented yet 8. Her digital watch is still working though 9. Hey, I am looking for a historical book set in England I read about five years ago live or take a couple of years. I'm pretty sure it is a book in a family series like the Bridgertons or something.

Anyway the hero inherited his title with a bunch of debt and has been working hard to make himself financially sound again. He finally works of all his debt and goes out drinking to celebrate. He comes home drunk and the heroine is waiting for him. She has noticed that he is not doing well financially his sister and mother wear remade gowns and such despite his efforts to hide that fact. She wants to get married in the previous book in the series her sister, who may also be her twin, got married and now the heroine is lonely. She proposes to the hero so she can get married and he can have her large dowry even though he no longer needs it but she doesn't know that.

He accepts her proposal while drunk but not for her money but because he loves her. I don't really remember the rest of the book unfortunately. I do feel like the hero is name Lucien or something like that. Thanks for all the help you can offer! I've been doing lots of online research and I found the book thanks allreaders. During the tour of the house, she noticed a crack on the wall and the parents explained that it happened during the civil war 5.

She was in a time when electricity wasn't invented yet 8. Add on a new info i manage to piece together when she woke up from the storm, she was suddenly ushered by the servants of the house because she was the lady apparently she was married.. She also was surprised when preparing for a party, her servant brought over hot metal rods that are heated via hot coals, were used to curl her hair and she was amused when she realise electricity isn't invented yet..

The servant boy who helped her during her life is her friend's current old butler or groundskeeper.. Book 2 This is pretty vague because i only remembered one part Set in the era where women wear several layers of clothing - petticoats, layers of skirts and those net things that make the dresses stay round.. They got engaged but loathed each other 3. She pissed him off, he said she's not a virgin 4.

He tried to prove it, slipped his hand into under her clothes 5. Lo and behold she is a virgin but he was turned on 6. They end up having sex and hid behind a closet.. She enjoys it but pretended not to. They fell in love and got married.. I don't know if you'll find the second book but the first one is the one i would love to find.. Hope someone can help! Looking for a book I read as a teenager. What I remember is that the setting was either American or English horse racing. I think there were two books, maybe three.

The heroine lives w her mother or care taker, where no one wants her. For some reason she is swept of her feet by a handsome aristocrat, who owns a stable. He dies fairly early on when he falls off a horse while they are riding together. Or maybe she dropped something like her engagement ring and he looks for it, but dies when horse kicks him. She eventually assumes command of the stables and racing business, though throughout the book she faces financial ruin, injured horses or jockeys, etc.

I can't find this book and it's driving me crazy. Romance set in medieval times. She didn't want to get married, I think he takes over the castle or it's given to him or something. They break the bed, I think on their wedding night. It's a pretty creaky old bed. He carves her a new one and it's huge.

I believe the epilogue ends stating the bed was too big to move and stayed in that castle for hundreds of years or something like that. I thought it was the Bride Bed by Linda Needham, but apparently not. What is this book?!? Hello y'all, I've just joined and I hope you can help me because my searches of not worked. The first book is a western. It might have been an anthology. The story I remember is about a sheriff who wins an amesiac women in a poker game. He doesn't want her but she follows him home.

The next two are set in England during, I think 's. One is about a lady who returns from a school for governess's and plans to marry the youngest brother of the manor. The oldest brother tries to detract her but ends up compromising her. She takes off. Which makes her father, the gardener, mad. The last one is a woman's son returns home. He was kidnapped and raised in the desert by a bedouin chief.

A young woman is hired to teach him etiquette and respectable behavior. He has 2 children and they eventually get married. I hope someone knows these books because I would love to reread them. If anyone has suggestions it would be great. Im looking for this book I read in ?

Any help is appreciated. Hope this helps. Hi everyone I'm looking for a book I read years ago. Any help is truly appreciated! When I read it: late 's - Time setting: Contemporary Book type: Category romance Theme: Opposites attract Hero: adventurous, outgoing firefighter possibly named Zach who at the heart of it is self absorbed and immature Heroine: shy, timid waitress at a diner who is also studying to be an accountant What I remember of the plot: 1. Heroine works at a diner where all the local firefighters come in to eat. She thinks hero is handsome but out of her league. Hero flirts and thinks she's sweet but there's no big "pow" she's hot feeling.

On her way home from work her car breaks down and hero comes along to help her. She has a leftover pot of coffee in her car from the diner that she was going to reheat in the morning - I have no why I remember that detail 3. He helps her out and follows her home. He asks her out. Despite thinking he's just being nice she accepts. Friends and workmates find out that they're going to go out - everyone is really a. Surprised and b. Sure that it's a bad idea. It makes him more stubborn and her insulted in a timid way. After that the details get more blurry so the following events may not be in the right order or I may have some details wrong.

Hero's determined to "fix" her timidness including pushing her boundaries when she scared of a dog. Another firefighter doesn't like what he's doing and tells him to ease off. He throws a tantrum when she refuses to postpone her studies to hang out with him. I think he takes her mountain bike riding and she gets injured. The big conflict: - he's out quad biking with fellow firefighters and one gets injured possibly paralysed.

And they lived happily ever after. I pretty much can remember every book I've read so for me to forget this one is driving me nuts! So there are two books I'm looking for. I read them both probably 12 years ago. The first one is about neighbors. She's an introverted accountant that works from home.

He just moved next door with his two young kids, he's a teacher. It's set in Texas and I'm pretty sure his name is Tucker. In the need they live happily ever after, they get married and she's pregnant with triplets. The second one is about a female during the old west that wants to become sheriff of her town. She doesn't wear dresses, knows how to shoot a gun. The guy in the book comes into town on business, thy wind up spending a night in a cave I believe. Towards the end of the story they're in a hotel room and then one of her brothers busts in on them.

I can't remember anyone's name in this book. Thanks for any help at all! I am trying to remember the author of a series of Historical Fiction books. Basically the plot is a lot like Three Men and a Baby. In the first book, a woman shows up to where some bachelors live, pretending to be the mother of a little girl. In reality she is the little girls' governess. As the series progresses each of the bachelors find love and the little girl grows up and marries well with all of the men and their families present. Thank you for any help.

Seeking three books: Book 1: Historical, set in American west. Married woman, with red hair I think, falls on a rock and hits her head. She forgets who she is. Found by Half-Breed I think Ends up married to him and they have a child. Her white husband finds her and takes her and the child. Ends up back with Half-breed. Book 2: Historical, set in America I think around the time of the civil war. Woman falls in love and pregnant. Her lover is called away to war.

She married another man to pass off pregnancy as his. The examine result showed he had lung cancer at advanced stage. Jiang knew the condition about this old man, he said to Wang and Deng: "I'm afraid medicine can't heal your cancer. You should practice Falun Gong.

Wang's father-in-law didn't believe in Falun Gong totally, he persevered in medication after back home. But Wang was very curious about this, because he was interested in demons and ghosts very much since he was a child. Since then, Wang contacted with Jiang, and exchanged thoughts and experiences every a few days. As time goes by, Wang was obsessed with Falun Gong more and more deeply.

In June , Wang Guofei's father-in-law died of lung cancer. Wang believed it was retribution because his father-in-law didn't believe Falun Gong. He was obsessed with Falun Gong and talked nonsense all the day.