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Having experienced the lethal effects of a rebounded Killing Curse but surviving due to his creation of multiple Horcruxes , Voldemort described the sensation of being struck by it as having his consciousness torn from his body, accompanied by a sensation which he described as being "pain beyond pain". Muggle coroners would be unable to find a cause of death in such an attack, but the Ministry of Magic recognises the signs of the curse.

The Killing Curse has no counter-curse and cannot be blocked by most magical means. However, the green energy bolt may be dodged, blocked with solid objects or intercepted with a few other powerful fast spells, particularly Stunning spells.

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If the curse misses the victim and strikes an inanimate object instead, it may cause a small explosion at the point of impact results, which may start a fire of green flame. However, the curse may also ricochet off the object in question. The Killing Curse was used regularly by Lord Voldemort , possibly more than any other spell, and his Death Eaters used it as well. The spell is performed verbally as a rule; Bellatrix Lestrange killed a fox with a non-verbal spell after Apparating with Narcissa Malfoy at Spinner's End , thinking that it was a lurking Auror , but it is unknown whether it was Avada Kedavra or some other lethal curse.

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Only two people have ever been able to survive the effects of this curse: Harry Potter, who was given magical protection against Lord Voldemort's use of the curse through his mother's loving sacrifice and Voldemort himself due to his Horcruxes , which each have part of himself in them.

Harry used the Disarming Charm and was additionally aided and saved by the effects of Priori Incantatem when his and Voldemort's wands locked during a duel in because of their wands' twin cores. When Voldemort struck him with a Killing Curse again in , Harry was able to survive once again because Voldemort had taken some of Lily Potter's protection of Harry into his own body by using Harry's blood in his rebirth ritual in This process somehow tethered Harry to life so long as Voldemort himself was alive.


In , Fawkes sacrificed himself by swallowing a Killing Curse that Voldemort aimed at Dumbledore. It killed him as it would anything living, but in a typical display of a Phoenix 's response to death, he burst into flames and was immediately reborn from his own ashes.

Lord Voldemort murdered many people with this curse: victims include his father , his grandfather , his grandmother , James Potter , Lily Potter , Charity Burbage , Frank Bryce , Gellert Grindelwald , Bertha Jorkins , a German-speaking family of three, and countless more. It is known he killed enough people to create an army of Inferi. Lord Voldemort torturing Harry Potter with the curse, causing Harry excruciating pain.

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The Cruciatus Curse, which inflicts excruciating pain upon the victim, requires the verbal incantation and the use of a wand. The effects of the curse depend upon the desires and emotions of the character — to produce the excruciating pain implied by the name, the caster must, according to accomplished caster Bellatrix Lestrange , truly despise the victim and to enjoy causing pain.

The extreme pain inflicted by the curse makes it uniquely suited as a form of torture, and was used regularly by the Death Eaters. When Harry Potter was made the victim of the curse in June , he described it as feeling like his head was being split open while having his bones set on fire. The Burns Library has copies of this work in Spanish bound in limp vellum , in Italian and in French.

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Both the Spanish and French versions have been fully digitized. There are several things to note about the Spanish edition, beyond the interesting limp vellum binding and the leather thong ties, rather than metal clasps. The title page of this work reveals something of the complexity of printing in the early modern world, as the titles and job descriptions of the individuals mentioned indicate the various tasks of those involved in the book industry.

First, the premier Spanish edition of which this is a copy was brought into being by the publisher Manuel de Faria y Sousa , a famous Portuguese historian and poet who lived in Madrid in his latter years. Thus, there seems some minor mystery here awaiting further scholarship.

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The work was then sold by one Pedro Coello, presumably also of Madrid. The bookbinder is not known, although given the size of the printing industry in Madrid in particular and Spain in general there would have been many artisans who could have performed this task. That it proceeded to be published in other languages as well suggests that all three levels of the industry were able to support themselves financially as a result. Intriguingly there are also several notes written on the title page, although mostly they are now indistinct. One, at the top of the page, reveals something about the provenance of the work.